Should a watch choose a leather strap or a steel strap?

Nowadays, wearing a watch has become a fashion, but many customers ask us whether a leather strap or a steel strap is better?watch strap leather , Let’s talk about the comparison between leather straps and steel straps:


leather strap

First, let’s talk about the wearing and use of belts. The belt is soft and comfortable to wear, while avoiding the allergic reaction to the human body caused by the exudation of nickel metal on the stainless steel strap, making it more elegant. So refined people usually prefer leather straps.


steel belt

At present, the metal straps are mostly made of stainless steel, and some of them use PVD ion plating process. Stainless steel will lose its luster and darken if it is not properly worn on a daily basis. Ion-plated straps can also discolor and fade. Although the stainless steel belt is not afraid of water, if it is accidentally soaked in water, it will rust over time.



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How to match the color of the daily dial and strap

Watches have always been the representative of fashion, so how to match the strap to make the watch look more fashionable?watch band wholesale , The following matching methods are available for reference.


One is the contrasting color matching, black dial with white strap, the effect of black and white matching is more classic and fashionable. This is a style that young people like, and it is also one of the favorite watch styles of hipsters.


The second is the matching of the same color, such as a pink dial with a pink strap, which has a romantic and beautiful tone for a little girl. The color of the powder is very special, with a sense of luxury and lightness.


3. Classic color matching, black and green dial, with silver and white strap, is one of the classic color matching. The black in the strap and this silvery-white hue are more classic.



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