What to Consider When Buying a Cell Phone Microphone

1. What is the purpose of buying a mobile phone karaoke microphone?

If it is used for karaoke and recording,mic & speaker, the sound quality and ease of use of the microphone are the primary concerns.

If it is used for recording, you must first understand the characteristics of your own tone, and then consider the sensitivity and performance configuration of the microphone.

If it is a professional live broadcast, it may have higher requirements for large-diaphragm microphones, professional sound cards, and reverberation sound effects.

What is the actual budget?

Before buying anything, make a budget in advance. With a budget, you can better compare products and make choices. After the budget is determined, we can start to compare and refer to the parameters and configurations of various mobile phone microphone brands.


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What to Consider When Buying a Microphone

Clear purchase purpose. Before buying a microphone, we need to clarify our purchase purpose first,wireless bluetooth microphone , and it is best to consult clearly before purchasing.


It depends on whether you want a wireless or wired microphone. Wireless microphones are easy to operate and very convenient to use, while wired microphones usually have a certain distance limit, yes = sometimes inconvenient to use, they have their own advantages and disadvantages, we need to consider carefully when purchasing.


Specifies the type of microphone. At present, the microphones on the market are mainly divided into two types: dynamic microphones and electret microphones. The sound quality of dynamic microphones is excellent without power supply, the feel is quite good, and the price is relatively high, while electret microphones are more durable. , excellent sensitivity, users can choose according to their own situation.



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