Friends who like to play with plush dolls, I don’t know if you have noticed that plush toys that generally take a sitting position will put a small bag of small balls near the buttocks.soft toy suppliers ,What are these small particles and what is their function?


The stuffing on the butt of the plush toy is damaged by PE or PP, so it is granular. When a toy manufacturer makes a plush, they don’t put it in a lot of stuff. A small bag is filled with pellets, then sealed and stuffed into a stuffed toy. The amount of filling depends on the design intent of the various plush toys and plush figures.


These particles are generally filled near the hips of the plush doll to prevent the toy from being unable to sit properly due to uneven filling of the PP cotton. legs) are filled with these pellets to keep the doll’s hands and feet sagging naturally.



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