The computer host is on, why the monitor is black screen

It may be due to the computer itself is not properly started, or not open the monitor power, check whether the video connection cable failure caused by a new one to try; may also be due to damage to the monitor, this situation can only be repaired or replaced. The following are detailed instructions.

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1, check whether the monitor’s power supply is turned on, or whether the power cord is normally connected; then it is to check whether the host’s video cable and the connection above the monitor is normal.

2, check whether the host has a normal start, whether the status light on the front panel of the chassis is on, whether the light on the keyboard is on, etc.

3, change a video signal line, or a different monitor, to rule out whether the monitor or video cable.

4, if the host can not open normally, after ruling out the power supply problem, try to check whether the memory has been inserted tightly, generally in the chassis after moving the memory may become loose leading to boot failure, or first blow a blowing the memory slot near the ash, to be cleaned with an eraser to wipe the gold fingers of the memory stick; may also be independent graphics card failure, you can unplug the video cable from the independent graphics card, check whether the motherboard has a video output port, plug in to try;.

5, the display is bad, this situation can only repair the monitor or a new monitor.

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