What happens when you wear poor quality sunglasses?

Some sunglass lenses that do not meet the standard will have a diopter that exceeds the standard or the surface of the lens is not smooth, with convex and prismatic interfaces, and even air bubbles.design your own sunglasses with logo,When the eyes look at external objects, they will be distorted and deformed, which will make the eyeballs sore and cause nausea, loss of appetite, forgetfulness, insomnia and other visual fatigue symptoms. Long-term wearing can easily lead to eye diseases such as vision loss and myopia.


Some inferior sunglasses cannot block ultraviolet rays, and the transmittance of the lenses is seriously low. The eyes are like looking at objects in a dark room, causing the pupils to become larger, and the residual ultraviolet rays will enter the eyes in large quantities, which will damage the eyes and cause sunlight. keratitis, corneal endothelial injury, fundus macular degeneration and other diseases.




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Cabinet handles for horizontal or vertical installation

Whether the cabinet pulls are installed horizontally or vertically is, in most cases, a matter of personal preference.kitchen cabinet handles ,Different people like different installation methods, and you can make specific choices according to your own habits.

Most people will choose a horizontal installation, which is not only beautiful, but also very convenient to use. At the same time, there are many ways of horizontal installation, such as installing two short and delicate handrails at the corners of the cabinet door, which is simple and beautiful.

In addition, the installation method of the cabinet handle is also closely related to the style of the cabinet, and the installation direction of different styles is different. Among them, the more special ones are the pastoral style and European retro style, which mostly use copper button styles, and the overall look is simple and elegant.




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What to Consider When Buying a Cell Phone Microphone

1. What is the purpose of buying a mobile phone karaoke microphone?

If it is used for karaoke and recording,mic & speaker, the sound quality and ease of use of the microphone are the primary concerns.

If it is used for recording, you must first understand the characteristics of your own tone, and then consider the sensitivity and performance configuration of the microphone.

If it is a professional live broadcast, it may have higher requirements for large-diaphragm microphones, professional sound cards, and reverberation sound effects.

What is the actual budget?

Before buying anything, make a budget in advance. With a budget, you can better compare products and make choices. After the budget is determined, we can start to compare and refer to the parameters and configurations of various mobile phone microphone brands.


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Metal sculpture maintenance precautions

1. If there are stains and dust on the surface of the metal sculpture, it can be carefully wiped with a special soft small brush or a soft dry rag to prevent the metal surface from being corroded by moisture or chemical agents;

2. Be careful to avoid wiping with a damp cloth or any aggressive chemical liquids.outdoor metal sculpture for sale ,Otherwise, the surface rust will peel off.

3. Pay attention to the air temperature in which the metal sculpture works are stored. Metal sculptures can be damaged by chemical reactions because the temperature is too low or too high. It is recommended to store metal sculptures, and the optimal temperature is between ten and thirty degrees.



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Temperature control method for plastic mold production

Hydraulic method

The cooling medium usually uses cooling water, warm water and oil to circulate in the cooling holes to achieve the purpose of controlling the temperature.

Cooling holes should be as large as possible, but should not damage ejector pins, guide pins, mold cavities, cores, and strength.Plastic Manufacturers , The channels of the media must also determine the order of their circulation according to the objects that exist and different conditions. In terms of flow, a large number of cycles are required to minimize the difference between liquid temperature and mold temperature.

Electric heating control method

When the mold temperature must be kept above 100 °C, electrothermal control is often used. In order to make the heater fit closely with the mold, it is usually made into special forms such as strips or rods, and the matching parts should be rust-proof.



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