What are the classifications of mopping robots?

Because of its easy-to-operate functions and convenience, the Robot Vacuum Cleaner Mopping   has gradually become popular nowadays and has become a common household appliance for office workers or modern families. Do you know what categories it has?

The first type: single suction port type: the single suction type cleaning method is useful for the floating dust on the ground, but it is not ideal for the long-term accumulation of dust under the table and the dust adsorbed by electrostatic adsorption. (The design is relatively simple with only one suction port)

The second type: medium brush clip-on type: it has a better cleaning effect on large particles and carpets, but it is slightly worse on the ground dust, which is more suitable for the home environment of European carpets.

The third type: Lifting V-brush cleaning system: The lifting V-brush is used for floating cleaning, which can better fit the sweeping system to the ground environment. Relatively speaking, the electrostatic adsorption of dust on the opposite side is more effective in cleaning.


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How should lighting fixtures be chosen? Look at these four points

When decorating, many people have no difficulty in choosing tiles, decoration styles, etc., but in the end they are stumped in the choice of color lighting   lamps. In summary, it includes the following four points:

First, the choice of lighting should be consistent with the furniture style

The color, shape and style of lamps and lanterns must be commensurate with the interior decoration style and furniture style, and echo each other. Lighting can not only add luster to the furniture in the home, but also make the furniture look more upscale. In the choice of lamp color, in addition to matching with the interior tone, you can also choose according to your personal preferences. Only in this way can we play the role of attracting jade, enlivening the atmosphere, and extending emotions.

Second, beautiful, practical and personalized

The concept of ideal home decoration lamp will be beautiful, practical and personalized. In addition to meeting people’s requirements for light quality, visual hygiene, and light source utilization, it should also reflect the personality of different styles.

Third, safety

The choice of lamps and lanterns should also pay attention to safety, and don’t be greedy for cheap. It depends on whether the quality is good and whether the indicators are qualified. Many cheap lamps are of poor quality and present safety hazards. Once a fire breaks out, the consequences will be unimaginable.

Fourth, rationality

The installation of lights should firstly depend on the height of the interior of the house. The distance between the lowest point of the luminaire and the ground should be at least 2.2 meters. Otherwise, no matter how beautiful the lamp is, it will become bulky and crowded and depressing in the room.



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What are the features of using RFID labels

Now a lot more firms will use RFID labels  , because he has got the pursuing benefits over traditional barcodes:

1. It may be study from the great distance, can be study quickly for a single, and can be go through quickly first-to-many.

2. The info may be altered, and also the details may also be encrypted, which should not be duplicated and it has high safety.

3. There is no necessity for visual make contact with reading through, for example the products of clothes, 1 pack of stock is directly measured, and hundreds of pieces of apparel are counted in a few mere seconds.

In comparison with standard barcodes, RFID greatly increases the efficiency of supply. Although RFID tag will not be as affordable as barcodes regarding price, rfid labels may be reused instead of throw away products, so long-undefinedterm use is still a good option



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