With the arrival of summer, people’s demand for ice trays is also increasing. Among them, silicone ice trays are more popular, but consumers also have questions. Is the silicone ice tray safe to use, is it toxic?silicone products manufacturing process,Can it be stored in the refrigerator for a long time?

The raw materials of general silicone kitchen utensils such as ice trays must be food-grade silicone to ensure that they will not cause harm to the human body. Generally, when purchasing a silicone ice tray, you must first confirm whether it has passed the safety certification and whether it can be directly contacted. food.

Secondly, we also need to pay attention to the overall smoothness of the ice tray and whether there are burrs, whether the inner wall is smooth, and whether the bottom is round, because these factors will affect whether we can easily and thoroughly remove the ice cubes. An excellent ice tray is a combination of ergonomic design.

So how to clean silicone products after use? The general silicone ice tray products are processed by technical process and do not stain with oil. They can be refreshed with water and are especially easy to clean.



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